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Hi, and welcome to my favorite movie page.  Here I will strive to tell you how I truly adored this movie
after my Sister and her Husband took me to see it.  The Short Video Clip on my page, focuses on
'some' of my favorite parts in the movie.  It's my way of showing  my joy/love, through what I do.  The
Sparkle was made in 1976 and I saw it in Chicago, ILL.  I was just a little girl when I first saw this
movie.  And I simply adored it.  However, their was much drama in the movie.  I watched as a young
handsome man by the name of
"Styx" (Phillip Michael Thomas), try zealously to form a musical group,
in the 1950's.
As he endeavors much criticism, he decides to form a girl group, three sisters, Sister and The sisters
Lonette McKee, Irene Cara, & Dwan Smith) The story takes off from there.  With much trauma with the
lead singer, the group breaks up, but one of the singer's out shine the Darkness, and she is
It is a happy ending to this trauma drama.............I simply adored the love that
Sparkle felt for her sister,
and the love she felt for her man,
"Styx"  The movie has made a impact on my life. I love music, as
"Sparkle" portrayed in the movie.  She was influenced by her man "Styx".  Such a good feeling to watch
them prosper after so much energy was put into all of it.  Motivational movie for a lot of individuals
today, that are struggling to follow their dreams and their visions.  It is a must see movie!!!!!
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Irene Cara (Fame) and Lonette McKee (Round
Midnight) sing and struggle their way to
show-business glory in a Supremes-like girl group.
Dynamite Curtis Mayfield soundtrack. Year: 1976
Director: Sam O' Steen Starring: Philip M. Thomas,
Irene Cara, Lonette McKee

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Sparkle: Music From The Warner Bros. Motion Picture
Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield

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